Transparent Flexible Flim Screen

E-Paper applications

  • Smart Retail

    Smart Retail

    With the development and progress of retail, traditional paper price tags can no longer meet the needs of frequent information replacement, unified management and environmental protection in the new retail field. The application of EPD in smart retail makes up for the sh...
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  • Smart Office

    Smart Office

    With the integration of Internet, IoT, and digitization technologies, the application of advanced e-paper technology in the office field reduces paper consumption and saves energy, meanwhile decreases a lot of resource, time and operating costs for enterprises. ...
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  • Smart Industry

    Smart Industry

    Including SOP display, material trolley labels, storage labels, and staff ID cards, e-notebooks, a paperless factory built with e-paper and indoor positioning technology can help continuously improve production efficiency.
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  • Doctor ID Badge

    Doctor ID Badge

    Overview T037C doctor ID badge uses a 3.7'' black and white two-color DPD with 4G wireless communication mode that supports smart management such as calling, digital wallet, entry access, reception of h...
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  • Smart City

    Smart City

    As the advancement of 5G technology and the acceptation of the concept of IoT, the reflective, bi-stable, and energy-efficient e-paper display technologies have increasingly been integrated into smart city scenarios, which are suitable for bus stop information signs, tra...
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