Transparent Flexible Flim Screen

3D Hologram Fan Display


The Risingsun 3D hologram fan display is a kind of high-speed rotation imaging display, and showing naked 3D effect. With new look and ultra-thin body, The whole showing picture is outstanding, the brightness is high. Even though used in outdoor, the showing effect is still clear. This model support various ways of controlling, like mobile phone APP, computer, remote control. This series products can be used for single, or by splicing, combining any number of fans to a big display, and the showing can be controlled by APP or PC. Whatever using hoisting, wall, desktop, floor, any other DIY installation, advertising in supermarket, shopping mall, restaurants,hotel,subway station, exhibition, even on the street, etc.,to advertise your products, to advertise your brand.

China Customs
China Park
Christmas Trees Splicing
French Coffee Shop
Japan Restaurant
Saudi Hotel
Seafood Restaurant
South Korea Subway Station
Spain Exhibition
Street Decoration

Post time: Nov-09-2023