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Associated Grocers provides four-color e-paper shelf labels to more than 650 retailers in Canada

CINNO Research Industry News,Canada Western wholesaler Associated Grocers has begun offering four-color electronic shelf labels (ESL) to its more than 650 independent grocery stores network.


According to foreign media Winsight, Montreal-based JRTech this week said that, part of Save-On-Food’s parent company Pattison Food Group, Associated Grocers adopted JRTech Solutions’  Pricer Smart TAG Color digital shelf labels, which are available in advanced black, 

Red, white and yellow display features make more shoppers pay attention to shelf promotions.


“JRTech Solutions’ digital smart label system integrates seamlessly with the point-of-sale systems used by our member stores,” Brody Powell, general manager of wholesale for United Grocers, based in Calgary, Alberta, said in a statement.

JRTech notes that Associated Grocers has deployed new shelf labels at its Liberty Foods grocery store in Fruitvale, British Columbia, marking the first store-wide installation of four-color ESL in North America.

"Historically, changing paper labels in our stores has required a significant investment of time from our employees. In pursuit of more efficient operations, we have been actively exploring digital solutions to more quickly manage price changes, track inventory and replenish products, This allows our employees to focus more on what really matters: assisting our customers,” said Derrick Dar, Managing Director of Liberty Foods. JRTech solutions and our new Pricer smart labels allow us to achieve exactly this. Adding yellow to our digital labels makes our promotions stand out even more, making them ideal for us and our customers.

Associated Grocers serves independent food retailers in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan from distribution centers in Calgary and Surrey, British Columbia, and a produce facility in Langley, British Columbia. Langley-based Pattison Food Group's wholesale divisions - Associated Grocers, Van-Whole Produce, Canadian Choice Wholesale and Bulkley Valley Wholesale - supply approximately 1,900 supermarkets, convenience stores and specialty produce markets. goods.

"We are proud to partner with AG Group to help streamline store processes and create added value for their brands and members. While our systems have been installed in hundreds of grocery stores across Canada since 2009, this agreement is an important step forward in adopting our black, white, red and yellow smart labels,” said Diego Mazzone, President and CEO of JRTech Solutions. “It also expands our grocery footprint in Western Canada, once again solidifying JRTech’s position as the preeminent ESL provider in North America.”

The potential applications of this unique technology are vast and largely unexplored. We can think of it as a glass partition that can display a variety of artwork, information or advertising on both sides. We can even imagine it as a car window, providing different views inside and outside. We can place it on the counter and create a dynamic display experience where customers can see one side and interact with the other - a canvas for possibilities.

Currently, electronic price tags are mainly divided into two categories: LCD electronic price tags and electronic paper price tags. Among them, the electronic paper price tag category has the characteristics of static display without power consumption and does not require additional wiring construction. Take the 2.13-inch electronic price tag as an example. It only requires two button batteries and has a service life of more than 5 years. Because it is smart, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, it has been widely used in the retail industry and has now become the key to digital transformation of retailers. Preferred option.


The release of new wireless standards will accelerate the market size of ESL. At present, large-scale electronic price tag system solution providers are mainly French SES, Chinese Hanshow, Swedish Picer, Korean Solum, etc. More than a dozen companies in mainland China, including ZKONG Intelligent Control Network, Yunliwuli, Wolian Electronics and Yaliang, are also actively expanding their shares. Many powerful domestic ESL module manufacturers have also stated that they will actively expand into the e-paper ESL market.

ePaperInsight believes that, combined with the current dual-carbon strategic background and Bluetooth protocol and other related benefits, the ESL market will maintain a growth trend, and the ESL ecosystem will usher in a new round of entry and reshuffle opportunities. The ESL module market size is expected to increase to About 3 billion US dollars.

Post time: Dec-21-2023