Transparent Flexible Flim Screen

What’s flexible transparent film LED screen ?

01 What is an flexible transparent film LED screen? 



Flexible transparent film LED screen, also named with LED crystal film screen, bendable LED screen, flexible LED screen, etc., This is one of the transparent screen subdivision products. The screen adopts LED lamp bead bare crystal ball planting technology. The lamp panel uses transparent crystal film. A transparent mesh circuit is etched on the surface. After the components are pasted on the surface with vacuum sealed craftsmanship. The main advantages of the product are lightness, thinness, bendability and cutability. It can be directly attached to the glass wall without damaging the original structure of the building. When not playing, the screen is invisible and does not affect indoor lighting. When viewed from a distance, no trace of the screen installation can be seen. The light transmittance of the crystal film screen is as high as 95%, which can present bright and colorful image effects, making the product’s image more eye-catching. The super colors create an excellent visual experience for users. 

02 The characteristics of the LED crystal film screen are different from ordinary LED displays.



This kind of crystal film screen has the characteristics of transparency, ultra-thin, modular, wide viewing angle, high brightness, and colorful. It is like an ultra-thin screen with a thickness of only 1.35mm, light weight 1~3kg/㎡, curved surface outside the screen, ultra-thin film screen can meet certain bends, bringing unexpected three-dimensional visual experience. At the same time, it supports arbitrary cutting without being limited by size or shape, meeting different size requirements and achieving more creative displays. Each viewing angle in the screen is 160°, with no blind spots or color casts. The content covers a larger area of ​​people and attracts people and traffic in a wider area. In addition, the installation is simple and quick, and only requires 3M glue to be partially fixed on the glass. 

03 The difference between LED crystal film screen and LED film screen.

LED film screen and LED crystal film screen are both subdivision products of LED transparent screen. In fact, both LED film screen and LED crystal film screen can be applied to building glass walls, so many It is difficult for people to distinguish between LED film screens and LED crystal film screens, but in fact there is a difference between the two. 


1. Production process:

The LED crystal film screen is manufactured through bare crystal ball planting technology. The light panel uses transparent crystal film film, with a transparent mesh circuit etched on the surface. After the components are mounted on the surface, the vacuum sealing process is carried out.  The LED film screen uses a specific bare chip to fix the components on a highly transparent PCB board. Through a unique cover glue process, the display module is integrated into a lens-type substrate. 

2. Permeability:

the LED crystal film screen has higher permeability. Because the LED film screen has a simpler structure, does not have a PCB board, and uses a fully transparent film film, it has higher permeability. 

3. Weight:

LED crystal film screens are extremely light, about 1.3kg/square meter, and LED film screens are 2~4kg/square meters. 

04 Applications of LED crystal film screens

LED crystal film screens use glass, showcases and other carriers to display commercial advertising information and recommended products to users. Widely used in 5 major fields:

1. Vehicle-mounted display (taxi, bus, etc.)

2. Glass curtain wall (commercial buildings, curtain walls, etc.)

3. Glass display windows (street shops, car 4S stores, jewelry stores, etc.)

4. Glass guardrails (Business center stair guardrails; sightseeing guardrails, etc.)

5. Interior decoration (partition glass, shopping mall ceiling, etc.)



LED crystal film screen is an innovative display technology because of its novel appearance, flexible shape, and high-quality images And the advantages of low energy consumption are regarded as the development direction of future display technology. It is expected that in the next few years, LED crystal film screens will be more widely used and promoted. Advertisers, are you optimistic about the application of LED crystal film screens in the field of advertising display?

Post time: Jan-03-2024